The Master Mind

Your outer world corresponds to your inner world. What happens to you depends to a great degree on what is happening inside of you. Your external experience is a reflection of your internal thought patterns.

Over time, you create in your life the mental equivalent of your innermost convictions about yourself and what is possible for you. As I read story after story of famous men and women, as I reflected upon their biographies and autobiographies, I was struck by the common thread that ran through all of them.

They all seemed to have, or develop, an unshakable belief in their ability to overcome all obstacles and reach some great height. This belief or conviction seemed to give them powers not possessed by the ordinary person.

They went on to accomplish remarkable things, often against overwhelming odds and in defiance of the predictions of people around them. You must understand the meaning of human potential.

If you and I are using only 10 percent or less of our potential for effectiveness and achievement, then the other 90 percent or more must be contained in mental power we have not yet tapped.

I concluded that, to get the most out of myself, I needed the “access codes” that would enable me to get into and harness these enormous capabilities. You subconscious mind is enormously powerful. When you use it properly, it can help you move more rapidly toward the achievement of your goals and desires than you ever dreamed possible.

You can use your subconscious mind for creation or destruction, for good or for evil. You can be a prince or a pauper, depending on the way you use your subconscious mind.

To fulfill your potential you must learn how to access it at will and use it for your purposes intelligently and constructively.

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Posted by Brian Tracy on Nov 1, 2010

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